To human beings, what is “true” happiness, Researchers at Harvard University conducted the Harvard Study of Adult Development over a period of 75 years, to find out what makes people happy. The study has looked into people’s lives - their work, their social life, and their personal life, and found that neither wealth, social status, nor hard work is the key ingredient to happiness. Instead, good relationships with those around us is what makes us truly happy.

Everyone wants to be happy. This is why people look for activities that they think will make them happy if they do them, or for things that they think will make them happy once they obtain them. Some seek happiness outside their home. But in fact, we are happiest when we are at home and with our family. Family is an important institution; it is there that we find love, understanding, warmth, and willingness to help each other. All these things make family members happy to be together.

In 2017, the real estate sector expanded more than it had in the previous year, thanks to a number of factors that positively affected the market, such as continuously increased government investment in the sector, such as through the “Pracharat Sang Thai project,” which promotes investment for integrated economic and social development; the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which brings foreign investors and foreign buyers into the Thai real estate sector; the growth of the export and the service sectors; and improved private sector consumption, partly because some of those who had bought a car under the First-Car Buyer Scheme were paying their final installment within this year. All these factors led to an increase in purchasing power, which created a positive outlook for the real estate sector. Horizontal development, such as detached houses, semi-detached houses, and townhomes continued to grow, as consumers were interested in buying property for residential purposes, rather than as investment or for speculation. This means low risks when it comes to economic fluctuations, as construction of these house was completed, and ownership of these units could be transferred immediately. For this reason, several entrepreneurs were keeping an eye on residential, horizontal housing development.

The overall economic outlook for Thailand in 2018 is positive, with visible signs of economic recovery in the last quarter of the previous year. Gross Domestic Product or GDP has been forecast at 3.8%. Exports remain key to the country’s economic growth, as is state investment in large-scale projects. In addition to growth forecasts by economic institutions, the stock market has been responding well to investment, with the market index reaching the highest point in four decades. This was a great start for the year.

As for the Company’s operation plans, following a restructuring and the addition of business segment to boost growth and competitiveness in the real estate sector within current conditions, the main product under development remains horizontal residential property, in which the Company has expertise and credibility. It has won the trust of customers for over 60 years, being known for projects that are worth the money and meet the demands of customers throughout the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. These projects start from 2-10 million baht, and comprise detached houses, semi-detached houses, and townhouses, such as Chuan Chuen City Northville-Watcharapon, Chuan Chuen City Southville-Watcharapon, Flora Ville Golf Villa, Chuan Chuen Town Ratchapruek-345, Chuan Chuen Town Rangsit Khlong 1, Chuan Chuen Prime Bangkok-Pathum Thani 2, and Chuan Chuen City Watcharapon-Ramindra. The Company has also acquired land suitable for more housing development in the future.

At the same time, it has added a new business segment, namely property for rent, to increase income from asset rental and create long-term financial stability. Projects in this segment include Park Court Sukhumvit 77, T77 Park, and a gold course that has been renovated and given a new symbol and name, called “Flora Ville Golf and Country Club.” The 18-hole golf course comes equipped with all necessary facilities, including a sport club, a souvenir shop, and a restaurant, to cater to all the needs of customers.

On behalf of the Company’s Board of Directors, we thank all of you for your role in and contribution to the Company’s work and activities all this time. We look forward to your continued support in the Company’s operations. With it, we can achieve the goals we have set for us, grow in a sustainable manner and continue to create good things that make all of us happy for the best togetherness.

Suthep Wongvorazathe